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Re: SNORT not adding entries to snort/portscan ???

On Fri, Nov 29, 2002 at 06:36:16PM +0100, Marcel Weber wrote:
> What about considering outdated security tools as hazardous to the
> system's security? Taking this point of view, why not distributing
> updated versions via debian-security?

I've a general issue along those lines. There are often tools I'd like
to install but most packages specify >= a version of libc6 even when
the package would basically run with any libc that ever existed. 

In one sense this is a more general issue, but it's also a security
one in that it prevents using adding important tools to an older
dist on a one off basis, even if that tool would give a substantial
increase in security.

You can force things, but then you've hassles for life every time
you use apt and dselect.

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