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Re: Spammers using a non-existant address as return-path

On Monday 25 November 2002 23:05, you wrote:

> I dont want to teach you to suck eggs, but I would suggest this test
> is run as an independant way to verify your safe. I always run it
> after a sendmail change, as i pay for volume personally and at 2 gig
> + a day a spam hit would do to me would break me finiancially.

Oh, that's not the problem. My box doesn't relay (that is, it relays for 
the IP of my workstation and for the computer of my parents.), and I've 
had ORDB checking it. 

It is just that somebody has forged an address, which happens to have my 
domain name in it, so I risk getting some trouble with it. 

Thanks for the reply anyway!


Kjetil Kjernsmo
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