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Looking for a mirror ?

We got notified that apparently the security.debian.org
server is gone through fire. And ye are looking for a new 

If it's of any use, I can give the security team accounts 
on ftp.ie.debian.org, which is ftp.heanet.ie.

It's a dedicated mirroring machine, has pushed 360Mbit/s
at peak and still over a terabyte of free space

See http://mrtg.hea.net/mrtg/services/canyonero.html and
http://ftp.heanet.ie/about/ . It's running debian, kept
very secure.

If you need a dedicated host, I might be able to arrange
one here, (we have lots of bandwidth, measured in gigs).
We run debian on all our linux boxen , so very intrested
in helping getting it back soon.

Colm MacCárthaigh

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