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Re: Bypassing proxies

> > Wondering if some people know of some "content-aware" proxies/filters,
> > attempt to block [some of] those dangerous products (apart from
> > a black-list...)
> If you allow out FTP I will be able to start an SSH connection over port
> 20 (FTP-Data) and it will look like a binary data transmission on any
> network sniff.  In reality I am forwarding a local port to a remote
> squid proxy and instructing IE, Netscape or the browser of choice
> to proxy through the local port.  Finding a solution to block something
> like this (similiar to what you mentioned above) may be difficult...
> If you find something, please let me know...

I've bypassed proxies before (check out DESPROXY on freshmeat).

One possible way to deal with it is to require an authentication method that
the bypass doesn't understand.


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