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Re: spam

> > Some mail I try to reply have latin-1 
> > chars.
> > 
> > They will be translated to Japanese charset when I 
> > reply to them, so people are conveniently 
> > blocking some of my mail,
> > which is immensely annoying.
>  Does that happen when you are replying in English, or only for Japanese?

Japanese mails are not written in latin-1 chars,
only in English/French/whatever mail.

> i.e. is it a problem if people block charsets that that are only used by
> languages they don't understand?  Your message is US/ASCII...

So, if I replied mail to someone with a name with an accented char
on it, it is likely that my mail will be encoded in ISO-2022-JP
or something like it. (or rather, sylpheed used to play me that trick
all the time)


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