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Re: spam

Hanasaki JiJi (hanasaki@hanaden.com) wrote 38 lines:

> Sure are.. I am just getting going with SA.  Anyone able to help me 
> update exim4.conf to do the follow?
> 	- bounce the spam back like it failed to deliver

Thanks for sending *me* your spam.  Yes, my address has been
mis-used as the Sender for some spam runs some time ago.  I was
!amused by the bounces I got.

And in case the sender is faked (as is also usual) the poor admin
of the misused sender domain is burried.  Really cool idea, we
want all the admins who hate spam be burried under spam, so they
won't be able to fight the spam.  Or, say maps or spamcop.net --
they really like getting all the spams where their name has been
faked into the 'From' or into the reverse path.

> 	- send a copy to the target user

Which is probably identical to the sender or faked, see

> 	- send a copy to some other address, in additionto the above

That _may_ be an idea, if you use, say, spamcop.net.  You could
auto-report real spam -- beware of false positives.


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