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tiger reporting thousands of files with "undefined groups ownership"

Posted this message yesterday to debian-user. Since I got no replies, and
following the directions in the tiger package, I'm reposting this here.

Woke up this morning to find a 400K tiger message in my mailbox,
reporting over 12000 files in my system as having "undefined groups
ownership". A quick check revealed this to be untrue.

I could find no pattern in the files reported. They are owned by various
users and groups, and are of various types:

 3237 Block-Device
  921 Character-Device
   21 Directory
  119 Regular-File
 7889 Symbolic-Link

But now I'm worried. What's confusing tiger? Could this be a symptom
of a more subtle problem?

I've googled and read the docs on my system, but couldn't find any

Thanks for any help.

Carlos Sousa

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