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SMTP and POP3 with ssl + login/password


 I need to setup a Debian Woody server with th following:

 * SMTP (i like sendmail) with:
   + incomming authentication SECURE
     to send an email with this server it MUST be necessary authentication 
     with SSL

 * POP3 (i like qpopper)
   + outgoing authentication SECURE
     to receive an email from this server it MUST be necessary authentication
     with SSL

 Then, when a remote client, mainly windows clients :-(, and mainly with 
Outlook, must authenticate (with login and password) via SSL (secure conexion)
to send and receive email.

 Where can i found info (howto's, Readme, so on) to configure the Debian 
server and/or SMTP and/or POP3 in that way?

 I also apreciate info/tips/tricks about configure most popular windows
clients ;-)

 I have found several links, but NOT as explicit as i want.


 Thanks in advance

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