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Re: postfix in qmail out proftpd in pureftpd

WebMaster wrote:
> hello,
> when i posted this question to debian-user-french
> i had no (good) answers.
> perhaps somebody here could explain me why:
> there is a .deb for postfix and not for qmail?

The license, or lack thereof does not allow binary redistribution which
alters the way qmail is installed via source.  Thus there are source
packages of qmail which work just fine.

> (qmail is more secure than postfix)

That is false.  Please do not propagate that myth.  Qmail can most certainly
be installed in an insecure or poor manner.

> there is a .deb for proftpd and not for pureftpd?

Many people have started to create debs for pureftpd (myself included) and
for one reason or another stopped.  I believe there are .debs for it, they
are just not in the main debian archives.  check the pureftpd website.

> (pureftpd is more secure than proftpd)

Blanket statements such as this are generally worthless.

-David Ulevitch
(a happy qmail and pureftpd user all add)

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