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Newbie - wants to close ports

Hi List

I am an newbie and done a nmap -v of my local maschine that is supposed to
be put into the internet after I managed to close all the necessary ports.
Can anyone give me a hint how to go about closing all the following port
execpt ssh, http, https?

Port       State       Service
1/tcp      open        tcpmux
9/tcp      open        discard
11/tcp     open        systat
13/tcp     open        daytime
15/tcp     open        netstat
22/tcp     open        ssh
37/tcp     open        time
53/tcp     open        domain
79/tcp     open        finger
80/tcp     open        http
111/tcp    open        sunrpc
119/tcp    open        nntp
443/tcp    open        https
540/tcp    open        uucp
635/tcp    open        unknown
1080/tcp   open        socks
1524/tcp   open        ingreslock
2000/tcp   open        callbook
5432/tcp   open        postgres
6667/tcp   open        irc
12345/tcp  open        NetBus
12346/tcp  open        NetBus
27665/tcp  open        Trinoo_Master
31337/tcp  open        Elite
32771/tcp  open        sometimes-rpc5
32772/tcp  open        sometimes-rpc7
32773/tcp  open        sometimes-rpc9
32774/tcp  open        sometimes-rpc11
54320/tcp  open        bo2k

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Kind regards

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