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Re: Media Hackers

On Sat, Sep 28, 2002 at 10:59:47PM -0500, Mike Barushok wrote:
> My understanding of this, just from some online study, is
> that what they are contemplating doing at this time would
> be along the lines of:

I was under the impression they were already doing things
like that; also that they  are distributing bogus files.
That doesn't affect my systems and is a problem for the
P2P community to solve.

What I'm worried about is the new legislation that seems
to allow breaking and entering by media goons into machines
they believe contain "copyrighted" material so that they
can delete it.

I would consider any such attempt through any system I
monitored as no different from any other hack. I also
don't think (or at least hope) the US congress is not
so stupid as to open the net up to what would be 
virtually a war. And not to mention the creation of
a class of well paid professional criminal hackers.
Kiddies are one thing; paid goons are another thing
entirely. Even if heavily regulated it would be a 
short step over the line to working for "others" in
corporate espionage, vengeance, protection rackets,
econmic warfare or cyberwar.

If they just use the DOSA techniques discussed already,
those can be dealt with; if they start active attacks
then stronger measure are required. This issue is
bigger than meets the eye.

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