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Re: OT: Re: Media Hackers

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Hmmm, now which one would that be for County Down, Northern Ireland?

I doubt these people will even be aware of where their
target for criminal forced entry is, nor would they
care if they did.

Of course, "In the best of all possible worlds" they'd give
the script kiddies a target deserving of destruction instead
of just hassling overworked sysadmins!

I'm curious if anyone has an idea of what techniques they
are "legally" expecting to use in their attacks? That would
at least give some idea how to block them out of European

I also wonder that if we caught one, could we extradite and
prosecute them under UK law for criminal trespass? Now 
there's an interesting question. Probably not worth it
unless you were a large company getting hit by them. Perhaps 
civil suits against record company UK assets would be more 
fun in that case...

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