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Re: ssh upgrade problems (potato)

Simon Young <simon-debian-security@blackstar.co.uk> writes:

> On Fri, Sep 27, 2002 at 10:10:16AM -0400, don wrote:
>> if its a local machine you could dpkg --purg the old ssh then just do
>> your install
> Yes indeed.
> I could do that, and it would probably work. In fact, this is most likely
> what I'll end up doing - but first I'd really like to know what the
> problem is, and if there's a 'nice' way of getting around it.

I'd agree with your assessment that it's picking up the wrong ssh-keygen,
as I was thinking that by the time you suggested it :)

> Let's assume, for the moment, that it's remote machine :-)

    chmod 000 `which ssh-keygen`

    sshd -p somehighnumber22

    apt-get install ssh

At least that way you still have either the old or possibly even the new
sshd listening on 22, and a backup entry-point if you need it.

I'd recommend the middle step every time you're about to play with the ssh
package as a precaution on a remote machine anyway (unless you're lucky
enough to have a serial console toy).


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