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Re: Business Proposal (Urgent)

On Tue, 24 Sep 2002, Johann Beretta wrote:

> > I suggest you first read:
> > http://home.rica.net/alphae/419coal/
> >
> > Which clearly describes the working of this scam... Just ignore it, or
> > send it on to the relevant government agency...
> He was being sarcastic....... Everyone knows it's a scam..

Noooo!!! I didn't!!! Reeally!?!?!??!? Noooo!!!

I've just sent Dr. Kola Adams the money for his fees!!!!! Dawm!!

It just seemed a better business than receiving $243 from Microsoft &
AOL on each email I would send!!!!

(Let's see if I can find an email to ask for a refund... :-)))))))



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   "Trust yourself.  You know more than you think you do."
                                                  (Benjamin Spock, M.D.)

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