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Re: FreeS/WAN and kernel 2.4.20-pre7

[Jean-Francois Dive wrote in newsgate.debian.security]
 > There should not be any relationship between applying the patch and 
 > getting those symbols problem. The classical problem could be that
 > you did not make clean before and after applying the patch.. (difference
 > in the 2 kernel system.map addresses --> dont find the functions).

Was a cleanly unpacked source tree and patched up to 2.4.20-pre7, the
System.map was put in place and the whole tree was free of object files
before the compilation began.

In any case, I've resorted to using 2.4.19 for the time being.

Thanks anyway.

rob                                 <e> rob@impure.org.uk <pgp> 0x8bb5c71e

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