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Re: debian fixes that make it back upstream?

On Fri, Sep 20, 2002 at 03:11:38AM -0500, Hunter Peress wrote:
> Does anyone have data on how many fixes make it back upstream?

	Do you mean Debian security fixes? These are probably (always?)
sent upstream. However, you can see the DSAs and check whether there
are any references to an external database. If there is then it's
fixed/reported upstream. If there's not, well, you'll have to check
it yourself (since DSAs references to CVE, CERT, Bugtraq et al 
were added recently).

	If you mean other fixes that's quite difficult to track unless
the maintainer has set the bug report as forwarded to upstream. Not all
maintainers do this, and there are also Debian-specific bugs (packaging
issues for example) that are not forwarded upstream. I guess the
relative number of bug fixes forwarded upstream is low.

> If a fix doesnt make it back up, does this mean that the package
> maintainer has to constantly add the fix to new software, its an obvious
> question, but maybe it will bring out interesting answers. 

	Yes. This is what usually happens. 

> (Please include me explicitely in the reply as i am not on the list)




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