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Re: Debian Security Mirror


Q: Why are there no official mirrors for security.debian.org?

A: The purpose of security.debian.org is to make security updates
available as quickly and easily as possible. Mirrors would add extra
complexity that is not needed and can cause frustration if they are not
up to date.

On 2002/09/18 02:39:09PM -0500, Wed, David U. wrote:
> Hi,
> I couldn't find a listing of security.debian.org mirrors on debian.org.
> Do any exist?
> Should any?  I find that security.debian.org gets "slow" sometimes and it'd
> be nice if there were a couple mirrors like the other debian archives.
> I might be able to help get one online if there aren't any.
> -davidu
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> world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." --Margaret Mead

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