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Re: AW: "suspicious" apache log entries

Hi Marcel.

Marcel Weber wrote:
Why not introduce an
official "Internet Security Team" that officially has the right to do such
things. It would be for the good of the net! They could be a part of the
ICANN or UNO or whoever.

I don't think this would be successful. It's a great idea, no doubt about it. But the problems will begin as soon as you had to get legal "approve" by every possible country that is connected to the Internet.

There are still countries in the world where it is not a crime to get inside a computer and steal data. I guess chances are low that such countries would even care about giving legal approvements to such a security team.

Just my 0.02$ (maybe, most hopefully I'll be wrong with that - it would be a great step forward to have a team like this in my opinion)

Bye, Mike

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