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Re: "suspicious" apache log entries

On Tue 10 Sep Marcel Weber wrote:
> So a little program called "Silver bullet" got developed. I think it
> run even on Linux. When a backdoored server tried to contact the
> silver bullet server, it got "shot down" by this script using nimda's
> backdoor. I window popped up on the attacking machine and it's ip
> stack went down... It was really amazing how fast all those server and
> workstations got patched and finally there was peace again on the
> networks...

This is probably wandering further and further OT, however I saw a
posting on bugtraq way back when all this started that suggested an
interesting tactic.

It claimed that the HTTP libraries used by Nimda and Code Red were
generic, and could be fooled by sending a redirect response like:


They would then attempt to root themselves repeatedly, causing the whole
machine to eventually crash.  I expect behaviour would be different in
the various strains of the worms though.

Obviously you can send any HTTP header you like legally.  Also, I guess
people would be quicker to fix their computers if they kept breaking.  I
never tested this myself, but it sounds plausible.


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