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Re: cryptoloop confusion


On Wed, Aug 28, 2002 at 10:45:05PM -0700, Jeff wrote:
> I did some more research and I'm getting some conflicting
> information.  In another message on this thread I'm told that I need
> the kernel-patch-int.  Anyway, I downloaded your crypto...debs and
> installed them.  They created source directories in /usr/src/modules.
> I then went to the top of the cryptoapi directory and ran:

actually, everything is clear, probably looked at the wrong
places? ;).

serious, definite guide to cryptoapi stuff these days is
www.kerneli.org. the linux encryption howto is way outdated. but
they have good starting docs baout that.

> root # make patchkernel KDIR=/usr/src/linux-2.4.18 LOOP=iv
> make: *** No rule to make target `patchkernel'.  Stop.

i think you are supposed to do make-kpkg modules_image while
being in the kernel top level dir.

> I can't find any other documentation on this to help me out.  I looked
> at the howto you reference in the README.Debian file in your source
> directories, which describe the patchkernel process above, but I've
> found nothing to help me.

i don't know ivo's packages well now, but this should work.

otherwise some notes i took while preparing for giving a course:

with patching the kernel:

<some method of sucking the source, rc2 tar-ball or cvs>

in the toplevel dir of this source do:

make patch-kernel KDIR=<kernel source dir>

cd <kernel source dir>

make menuconfig (choose desired modules)

insmod cryptoapi
insmod cipher-<cipername>

without patching the kernel:

going to the top level dir of the cryptoapi source:

make modules KDIR=<kernel source dir>

make moduels_install KDIR=<kernel source dir>

should work.

so long

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