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Re: Permissions Required On hosts.allow ?

> > It would be just as easy for the malicious user to not link
> > libtcpwrap.so into their executable.
Note: the cure...if you don't want users running a service on another port (they
can't run it on a port < 1024...) use iptables to lock down your system.  Not
only can you restrict what IP access what you can completely block ports...what
a novel idea.  The only advantage I can think of (maybe I am wrong) of running
tcpd is paranoia mode.


wget -O - http://www.zionlth.org/~plhofmei/ | gpg --import

XP Source Code:

#include <win2k.h>
#include <extra_pretty_things_with_bugs.h>
#include <more_bugs.h>
#include <require_system_activation.h>
#include <phone_home_every_so_often.h>
#include <remote_admin_abilities_for_MS.h>
#include <more_restrictive_EULA.h>
#include <sell_your_soul_to_MS_EULA.h>
//os_over="Windows 2000"
os_ver="Windows XP"

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