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Re: Setting up a mail server

Also sprach "Stephen Gran" <gashuffer@dca.net>  am Tage Tue, 3 Sep 2002 20:47:02 -0400:

> Hello all,
> There are several questions I have at this point:
> I would like to add user accounts, so that exim and qpopper (or IMAP)
> accept and deliver mail for them, but not allow these users shell
> access.  Is changing their shell to /bin/false enough, or is there a
> smarter way (or one that is not quite so manual?)

I'm using postfix and courier and all users are in postgresql, but you could also use mysql or others.  Like this there is really NO connection between the unix accounts and the mail accounts. The worst thing that could happen is that someone figures out an email account's password and reads this user's emails. The other advantage of this solution is, that it allows you quite easily to use a web frontend for changing the user's information like passwords, name and so on. 



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