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Re: LIDS and daily cron jobs

Hi Janus!

I've played with LIDS some time ago. As far as I know, you
could simply allow the /usr/sbin/logrotate program to write
to the specified log directories and make the executable
itself write-protected (at least all the "sbin"-programs 
should be so, right?) so that it can't be modified.

Hope that this helps.

Martin Neuhaeusser

On Tue, Sep 03, 2002 at 10:43:05AM +0200, Janus N. T?ndering wrote:
> Dear Sirs,
> I've installed a LIDS kernel (www.lids.org) on my Debian Woody box. I
> think I have figured out most ACLs but I cannot make the daily/weekly
> cron jobs work properly (those that rotate logs etc).
> Does someone have any experience regarding this matter?
> Regards,
> Janus
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