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Re: Tiger: Trouble understanding/reacting to errors

On Mon, Aug 26, 2002 at 11:09:28AM -0700, Johannes Graumann wrote:
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> Hello,
> It's me again ;0) and I ask again for advice on how to deal with certain 
> errors reported by my daily Tiger-run.
> The first pair of erors I'm facing is:
> actually asigned to port 7000. Is this a problem (why?, why not?)? If 
> 'yes': how should I solve it?

	You've hit bug #132278. Pleas read:
> The third mesage I don't understand is:
> * --[FAIL]-- [nfs006f] Directory /home exported r/w to everyone
> My /etc/exports sais: /home

	This looks like a bug in the scripts/check_exports test...
ummm... testing this on my box (which uses also netmasks and has a similar
entry in the exports) Could you file a bug for this?

> this. Should I change the netmask? What else can I do to "convince" 
> tiger of the restricted nature of the /home export?

	Create a template, tiger will never report errors found on templates.
	See README.Debian for this.


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