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Re: Permissions Required On hosts.allow ?

Jamie Heilman wrote:
>> Can I change this around a bit to achieve my goal - maybe make a new
>> group called "foo" (say) and give that gid to in.telnetd and
>> hosts.allow ... ?
> Obscuring your libwrap/tcpd configuration from your local users, at the
> expense of allowing services to run as seperate, non-privileged users
> is a bad idea.  Privilege seperation provides a very tangible benefit,
> obfuscated config files do not.

Another option would be to create a group, for example called "tcpwrap".
tcpwrap:x:150:telnetd, sshd, irc, identd
(This list is based on the users in /etc/passwd which appear to be for
services that would benefit from tcpwrap.  Adjust as appropriate.)

Set /etc/hosts.allow to mod 0640 and ownership root:tcpwrap

When tcpd is running as UID telnetd, it will also have group equivalence to
GID tcpwrap, so it will be able to read /etc/hosts.allow


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