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RE: Mail relay attempts

Ive found port sentry really good for detecting port scans and then routeing
the return packets to no where.



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* Quoting Craig Sanders (cas@taz.net.au):
> PS: actually, the only other thing you could do is set firewall rules
> blocking inbound tcp port 25.  if your mail server is the primary MX for
> your domain then you would also need a secondary MX and open the
> firewall for just that machine.  spammers will still try - the only real
> difference is that you'll get entries in your kernel log rather than in
> your mail log.  if you do this, i recommend using iptables and DROP the
> packet rather than REJECT it....this wastes the spammer's time while the
> connection times out.

Drop doesn't really prevent scans and spammers
will scan for open ports first.

If you really want to achive something like that,
you should install a 'Teergrube':


- Rolf

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