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Re: static sshd

On Tue, 27 Aug 2002, Dale Amon wrote:

> I'm building a static sshd and am having a bit of
> hassle figuring out which configure options are needed
> for debian compatibility.

| Since glibc does not support 'int optreset;' functionality
| implemented in most BSDes.  We have to include our own.  As a result
| a clash occurs on staticly compiling.
| To hack around to support -static on most platforms lacking optreset
| is too ugly to implement IMNSHO (and I think others agreed by lack
| of implementing it).


But things might have changed since 2002-02-28 01:59:52 ;-)

Dale. If you do manage to do that (dispite my discurraging info),
would you be so kind and share?


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