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Re: static sshd (off topic re nuking bin laden)

On Tue, Aug 27, 2002 at 03:00:35AM +0100, Dale Amon wrote:
>     Nuke bin Laden:           Dale Amon, CEO/MD
>   improve the global          Islandone Society
>      gene pool.               www.islandone.org

 Nuclear explosions generate radioactive fallout (or make the cave they were
set off in very radioactive...).  Ionizing radiation can damage genes, so
setting off nukes is probably detrimental to the gene pool.  (you never know
when a beneficial mutation will occur...).

 Besides, doesn't Usama bin Laden have a bunch of kids already?  (While
we're on the subject: America: putting the USA in Usama bin Laden.)

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 Confound him, too, who in this place set up a sundial, to cut and hack
 my day so wretchedly into small pieces!" -- Plautus, 200 BCE

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