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Re: VPN between 2 dynamic ip's ?

I've successfully configured site to site VPN connections using
FreeSwan, RSA keys, and using our own Dynamic DNS server (gnudip). It's
a straight forward tunnel connection. Couple of points
left= and right= should be FQDNs, also uniqueids = yes is important, it
drops the old connection if a new one is authenicated and initializing.
And one final one, Dead peer detection should be enabled, if you are
using a patched version of freeswan, as I don't believe the Debian
(woody) package contains that patch (though it does add AES, and x.509
certificate support).

On Wed, 2002-08-21 at 19:57, Rémi Letot wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'd like to setup a VPN between two hosts on cable connection. The
> problem is that they have dynamic ip's, and none of the two sides is
> permanently up (most of the time they are up, but it's not guaranteed
> at all). Furthermore, I can't be sure of which one will come up first
> when they are down (or one of them is down).
> So the solution must be completely flexible regarding which end is a
> "server", or which side is "calling" the other.
> On the plus side, I can register them to a dynamic dns service, and I
> could hack a setup using vtund. My problem is that it'sreally a hack,
> and I'd like a cleaner and more robust solution.
> Is there one ?
> Ty,
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> Rémi 
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