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Re: IPSec VPN and Watchguard Firebox 2

On Wed, Aug 21, 2002 at 12:20:27PM +0200, Marcel Weber wrote:
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> Hi
> Does anybody know if there are any news concerning freeswan and 
> Watchguard Firebox 2 interoperability? Some time ago I read that the two 
> would not work together, as Watchguard does  not use triple DES during 
> the negotiation phase. Is there a patch around for freeswan?
> Marcel

  I would guess not. If Watchguard doesn't support 3DES, then it sounds
  like it will support just DES. FreeSwan has a policy of remaining
  non-compliant to the standards in regards to supporting DES (they
  don't support it), as they believe that the inclusion of
  single DES in the IPSec standards weakeness IPSec too much. So you
  might have to do a fair bit of hunting around for a patch to FreeSwan
  so that it supports single DES.


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