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Re: OT RE: unsubscribe

On Mon, Aug 19, 2002 at 08:41:29PM +0300, Boyan Krosnov wrote:
> > But all in all you can always send these posts to /dev/null 
> > with procmail.
> Why not do it on the mailing list server instead on all those inocent
> recipients? :)

Filtering on a subject basis seems too dangerous to me, and filtering on
a subject + body basis may still let some messages through. Anyway, the
Debain mailing lists are open, non-moderated, delivering mail as quickly
as possible. They allow even ads from time to time (there was a $1000
fine for commercial messages IIRC, is there still one?), so these
"unsubscribe" messages are just peanuts. "Be open to everyone and
everything" is part of the lists's policy, I think.

In today's world of daily (or even hourly) spam and "I can't log into my
Yahoo! account" messages, people have to get used quickly. Then are you
really so concerned with these "unsubscribe" messages that you create
threads on them (at least once a month) in the debian-*security* mailing
list? Or you just like having a chat? Because that is what I am doing
right now.  I don't care about:

> --
> To UNSUBSCRIBE, email to debian-security-request@lists.debian.org
> with a subject of "unsubscribe". Trouble? Contact listmaster@lists.debian.org

or about

> starting the next OT flame war on debian lists,

. I care about this:

> Boyan Krosnov, CCIE#8701
> http://boyan.ludost.net/
> Just another techie speaking for himself

HEY, BOBBY!!! I haven't heard from you since I implemeted linked lists
in C macros, or maybe even since I was making the computer synthesize
the sound of puking (am I starting to forget?). A nice place to meet
you -- the security list. A more physical one may feel better, huh? If
you happen to find yourself in one, drop a line, please! You can find me
in the same old place in front of the computer. See you.

To all who read me and not, best whishes and more security,

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