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Re: debian-security-announce-$lang@lists?

On Tue, Aug 13, 2002 at 09:23:57PM +0200, Martin Schulze wrote:
> Hi,
> what do other developers think about localized lists for security
> advisories, such as debian-security-announce-$lang@lists?

In my opinion it's not really too useful because of the reasons 
you outlined before. Probably, it would be best for the translation
teams to request this themselves (since they know how committed they

A debian-security-announce-XX mailing list, if driven by a robot, would
have to:

1.- check if there is a security advisory by checking published DSAs
2.- if there is no translation send a note to the list (in their own
language) saying that there is a new (untranslated) advisory. Just so
people are aware of it, and point either to the web site or the
debian-security-announce mailing list
3.- as soon as there is a translation send it to the list

	The robot would need to keep a list of translated advisories
already sent (and check for updates).

	I do not see the benefit of this "push" method if we take in
account that we already provide an RDF channel for advisories and users
can configure their user agents (like Evolution) to retrieve them
automatically. Since then the user uses a web browser and the links are
not language-dependant (but use content-negotiation) the user will be able
to retrieve translated advisories when available.

	Thus, my opinion is: if the robot method can be
implemented/maintained easily go for it, if not, publitice (sp?) the RDF
channel as the way to keep up-to-date for non-english DSAs...



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