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Re: Email Virus Scanner


I perfer the scanning and rejection to be at SMTP sending time so I think
exiscan [1] is a better tool. You can also add-in spamassassin checking at the
same time and there is a patch to reject or just tag based the spamassassin
responce with a patch from wade@xwin.net posted to the exiscanusers list on Jul

1. http://duncanthrax.net/exiscan/


Quoting "Daniel J. Rychlik" <daniel@rychlik.ws>:
> I am wanting to setup a good virus scanner for exim.  I tried out
> mailscanner, but it bombs with an error.  I tried to fix the error,
> but I got frustrated.  I would like to use mailscanner or even the
> santizer.  Do you guys have any suggestions or even a preference over
> one or the other?

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