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Re: Problem with logcheck

David Caplan <david@david.ath.cx> writes:

> > I've got a problem with logcheck that I wondered if anyone
> > else has been seeing.
> > 
> > Just after the logrotation in the early morning, I get one
> > screwed up logcheck report back from each machine. The report
> > contains fragments of months old data.
> > 
> > For the other 23 hours of the day, all log reports are just
> > fine.
> > 
> > Any ideas? Is there a bug in the initial processing by 
> > logcheck after the rotate?
>     I get the very same problem! but since it is only from one machine,
>     i haven't bothered to fix it... :)

I've seen it only once, a few days ago, but that was after I changed
the /etc/logcheck/logcheck.logfiles.  There were also a bunch of
warnings from logcheck that it could not create files in
/var/lib/logcheck/.  Have not seen it after (even though I changed
/etc/logcheck/logcheck.logfiles back again).

FYI, the machine is running testing, is updated two, three times a
week and logcheck has not been updated since I installed it on March
5 (version 1.1.1-13.1).  Ditto for logcheck-database.
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