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Re: DSA scripts

On Mon, Aug 05, 2002 at 11:35:16AM +0100, Gareth Bowker wrote:
> Seeing how many DSAs have been released in the last few days, I was wondering
> what scripts etc people had in place for dealing with them? For example, one
> thing I'd like to do is get the alerts forwarded to my mobile phone if I have
> the package installed on one or more of my machines (using dpkg -l over ssh
> to see if it's installed anywhere, or something similar).
> I'm thinking of writing one for myself, but I'm *sure* other people must have
> done something similar in the past...

	'Tiger' provides a module to check for DSAs released (retrieves this
info from the WWW CVS data) against installed packages, it also has a module that
runs 'apt-get update' and checks which packages have been updated. 
The last one is useful if your server is in 'stable' and with an apt line 
pointing to security.debian.org .

	I have not, however, separated the advisory data from the program itself
(in Tiger) so you do not have to update Tiger to update the DSAs. Also, it depends
on me making new packages when DSAs are generated. However, I'm pretty sure
advisories are available in RDF format too so I might get around to make the
module access security.debian.org and retrieve them...

	Hope that's useful, best regards


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