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Re: apt-get in scripts

On Sat, Aug 03, 2002 at 07:17:43AM -0400, Andres Salomon wrote:
> I've crontabbed `DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive apt-get -qqqqq
> dist-upgrade`.  I've not yet had any problems w/ it; debconf questions
> should use the default, and config files should not be overwritten.  Of
> course, this is w/ stable; I wouldn't trust this w/ testing/unstable.

Thanks much. While I *am* using sid in many cases, that won't be
a problem because I don't do across the board upgrades like this. I
primarily want this for emergency measures due to DSA's, or for
a one time install of some particular pre-tested package to all 

Your idea looks like it should work a treat.

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