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Re: Mail delivery errors...

## Jussi Ekholm (ekhowl@goa-head.org):

> | Date: Sat, 3 Aug 2002 14:10:00 +0300
> | From: support@infomania.com.ua
> | Subject: Mail Delivery Error
> | To: Jussi Ekholm <ekhowl@goa-head.org>
> |
> | No such user: debian-security@infomania.com.ua
> And I'm very much sure, that all of my mails I've sent to
> debian-security@lists.debian.org - so, something's broken in
> lists.debian.org end? Or am I alone with this problem?

The only broken thing here is the MTA of infomania.com.ua sending
bounces to the From: address. I wonder if they send the errors
to the Return-Path:, too.


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