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Re: Some more port closing questions

Paul Hampson wrote:
On Thu, Aug 01, 2002 at 07:09:28AM +0900, sen_ml@eccosys.com wrote:

From: Phillip Hofmeister <plhofmei@zionlth.org>
Subject: Re: Some more port closing questions
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 10:49:44 -0400

On Wed, 31 Jul 2002 at 09:25:40PM +0900, sen_ml@eccosys.com wrote:

Perhaps update-rc.d or rcconf (as I posted earlier) can be used to get
the desired behavior -- but I do think that being asked by default at
installation time whether to start stuff up at boot time is better
behavior than the current behavior.

Boy...you should get together withthe folks on debian-devel that say
the install asks TOO many questions for a beginner to Linux...it would
make a good flame war <G>

It seems like you could just have a mode w/o many/any questions and a
mode that asks all the questions that are available -- i.e. Beginners
can have a beginner's mode of installation, and non-beginners can have
a non-beginner installation mode...no?

You mean like maybe assigning different questions different priorities,
and letting the user choose the priority which a question needs to have
before it is asked, with some default assumed otherwise?

Excellent idea. I can't see how we could get this far without such a
system. ;-)

We didn't without. This is already implemented in the installer and in the package handling systems. Try

$ dpgk-reconfigure debconf


Thiemo Nagel

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