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Re: error msg

On Wed, 31 Jul 2002, Dale Amon wrote:

> Since you brought the subject up... :-)
> Does anyone have a good way of dealing with daemons that use unpredictable port
> numbers? I have particular headaches with NFS, gdomap, and just recently SmokePing
> started doing it.
> I like to start off with a drop of everything and then open the absolute minimal
> requirements. INCLUDING LOOPBACK.
> So has anyone found a good way to deal with the unpredictable daemons?

I think that netfilter helpers exist to enable connection tracking on RPC
services, but these helpers did not make it (yet) in the official kernels
from kernel.org nor in the debian sources. There is a sourceforge project,
called the WOFL, which is a working functionally overloaded kernel with
all sorts of optional patches integrated in it, but I am a bit reluctant
to use it on a production machine. What I would _really_ like is a
debian-style kernel-patch-netfilter package, to be able to smoothly
integrate only the patches I need. Mosix (and openmosix, for that matter)
and freeswan kernel patches are already available as well done debian
packages, I hope we will see something like it for the netfilter
patch-o-matic optional patches soon...



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