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RE: Support for Potato

I couldn't agree more. Will there be an official announcement on this
list about how long you will be supporting potato?

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also sprach Wichert Akkerman <wichert@wiggy.net> [2002.07.25.0057
> Currently we're thinking of at least 3 months full support and
> longer for remote exploits. We haven't made any decisions yet though.

How much work (in man hours per day) do you reckon Potato's
maintenance to be, roughly and on average? I've had loads of users ask
if potato was to be continued because it just perfectly suits their
needs and they don't want new stuff. It might just be worth it. The
occasional security fix here and there, other than that it's not
really that big of an issue, is it? Space and bandwidth, okay, but it
might be a good thing to keep around for so long until woody is at
least as usable and stable, and until potato->woody is guaranteed to
progress without any problems...

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