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Re: Spam handling (Re: Your Confirmation Required)

Look, I am on this list to learn about debian stuff, if I am
interested to learn how to swear in English I take care for
myself (yours not that good anyway). 

I also dont want to listen to you offending each other for something I
consider a minor problem. (Yes I do consider spam annoying, as I
consider many things annoying as well). As someone pointed out in a
discussion before, spam is difficult to avoid. 

The discussion of spam takes heapes more emails and download time than
the spam itself without contributing anything useful.

So if you are feeling you have to flame each other, please do not
continue using this list anymore but use your private email
addresses which you can simply read off of the header (ask in the
debian-users list if you dont know how to do this). 

If you dont stop, I am going to put both of you on my private
spamlist, so that I dont have to read this crap anymore, as I will in
future with anybody else who doesnt know how to behave.


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