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Re: Spam handling (Re: Your Confirmation Required)

also sprach Tim Haynes <debian@stirfried.vegetable.org.uk> [2002.07.18.1301 +0200]:
> >> 3. I've added a procmail rule here locally so that all mails From:
> >>    .*italy.*minute get automatically reported to Razor2.
> >
> > Could you please stop that, this is ridiculous.
> No. The rule in question matches exactly every single mail from the spammer
> that *debian* is *still* pushing at me on what's supposed to be 2 or 3
> content-full mailing lists.
> I'll stop automatically filtering when the rule is no longer being actively
> proven.
> No way is 15 spams in 24hrs acceptable. Deal with it.

There's no point in bouncing to Razor2. go ahead and filter to
/dev/null. that's acceptable.

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 tied them the usual way. this happens to us all the time
 with computers, and nobody thinks of complaining."
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