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Re: Spam handling (Re: Your Confirmation Required)

On Thu, 18 Jul 2002, Tim Haynes wrote:

++>Three things:
++>1. Rad0s-?aw is an idiot for pasting the whole spam email again;
++>2. these things should be blocked at source within debian, as someone
++>   suggested *yesterday*;
++>3. I've added a procmail rule here locally so that all mails From:
++>   .*italy.*minute get automatically reported to Razor2.
	Three things
1. Tim Haynes is an idiot that doesn't know that normal action
for confirmation required is (if not SHOULD BE) replying an
e-mail, and how is it that i got this confirmation message from
your list??????
2. debian-security@lists.debian.org should better configured it
spams me know with posts like "if you want to unsubscribe..." (4
3. As you wrote it happened earlier...when you think that others
are idiots maybe there is only one idiot: you and other are

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