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Passwordless OpenSSH login with interactively running script

Hi all,

Can anyone give me a tip as to how I can automate this:

Say I wish to run this script remotely and interactively using SSH

apt-get update &&
apt-get upgrade -u

(let's call the script "apt-upgrade")

This doesn't work:
$ ssh root@host '/root/apt-upgrade'

apt-get upgrade runs non-interactively. [And the path is wrong. But even
if the environment path is forced it still runs non-interactively].

This does work:
$ ssh root@host
~# ./apt-upgrade

apt-get upgrade runs interactively--but I have to run the apt-upgrade
script manually after logging in using SSH.

If there any way I can avoid having to run the script manually while
still getting an interactive session?


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