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Re: woody ssh update and PAM keyboard-interactive authentication won't work.

* Quoting sen_ml@eccosys.com (sen_ml@eccosys.com):
> From: Rolf Kutz <kutz@netcologne.de>
> > 
> > One Time Passwords e.g. (libpam-opie). But could
> > be any PAM challenge-response dialog.
> Does anyone know whether there's any chance this can/will get fixed in
> the future?  
> I had been planning to use opie stuff on some machines so that when I
> didn't have my private key for remote access, I'd be able to log in
> from a terminal which I didn't trust too much.  It seems a real shame
> not to be able to use this functionality...

You can use opie if you turn off privilege
separation. This reduces some security while opie
might add some, depending on your situation. I
read somewhere, that they work on a fix, but it
could take a while.

- Rolf

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