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Re: More SSH Fun (X11 forwarding)

Hi Vineet, 

I appreciate the help, but I know that setting the DISPLAY doesn't work

I need to know what DOES work, or if this is a bug.

How did you get X11 working on Debian running OpenSSH 3.4p1? Did it
just magically work for you? Did you have to set something?


This one time, Vineet Kumar wrote:
> No, that's not right, either. If you have DISPLAY set in the environment
> of the ssh client when it connects, and the remote sshd and local ssh
> are instructed to allow it, ssh forwarding takes place. It gets set up
> by creating a virtual X server on the remote machine and setting DISPLAY
> there to that (something like remote:10.0). X clients run remotely
> connect to that virtual X server, which simply acts as a sort of proxy
> to send the X data through the ssh tunnel to the X server on the local
> machine.
> So DISPLAY won't be set to the local ssh client machine. If it is, the X
> clients will be sending their data straight to the local client over the
> network, in the clear! (If the local X server is set to listen for it,
> which it shouldn't be, and isn't by default on recent debian systems.)
> Once it's working, you shouldn't have to touch DISPLAY. (Except possibly
> to make sure it's set to the right thing on the LOCAL side, before the
> connection is ever attempted. That should only happen if your
> environment is whacked for some other reason, though.)
> good times,
> Vineet
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