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AW: DSA 131: Apache Vulnerability


Good you mentioned it. All my boxes are behind firewalls. For the building
from source, yes I know, it's a good idea to do this. The point is, I'm
doing this on systems that are only maintained by myself, one system is even
a linux box running a very own distribution, all built from source. But
there are some systems that are running in companies where I'm rather having
a job as a consultant and specialist. So the setup should be easy and
maintainable for the local administrators (They're all new to linux and
freightened by the command line ;-)

Have a nice day!


PS: I put the 1.3.26 packages on my woody boxes. It's running perfectly even
with some self built modules (tomcat 4.0.1, etc.). There is just a
dependency conflict in dselect with libapache-mod-perl, that instists that
apache-commmon should be <<1.3.25. However, even libapache-mod-perl is
running smoothly with 1.3.26.


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> Betreff: Re: DSA 131: Apache Vulnerability
> I have two relative policies:
> 1. Always use a firewall to filter out everything but what is absolutely
> necessary, ie web, email, etc.
> 2. Always build stuff filtered to the internet from source that way when a
> vulnerability is released, you can update it rather quickly, no matter
> what the distro you are running is.
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> On Thu, 20 Jun 2002, Marcel Weber wrote:
> > Hi there
> >
> > I got a little question, a bit silly perhaps. When will there be any
> > packages of Apache 1.3.26 or a backported patch for 1.3.24 for
> woody? Will
> > it be in the next time or would it make sense to upgrade by hand, say by
> > compiling one's own binaries. Well yes I know, that there is
> some testing
> > going on of the new security infrastructure for woody, etc. But
> shame on me,
> > I have some woody systems running in a productive environment...
> >
> > Marcel
> >
> >
> >
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