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English and other languages (was ROUTED ET IDENTD)

I didn't intend to start an extensive discussion when replying to Aurelien's question. 
Anyway, I'd just like to say to close the debate that something that makes the web so strong is that anyone can express himself in its own language. I understand and strongly agree that distribution lists like this one requests its users to use a commonly known language (in the computer world). 
So such a standard language, if ever appliable (look at Esperanto!), forced to be used, would be dramatically sad. 


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	I have been reading this thread as it comes into my mail and
	suddenly I have an idea...

	I don't mean this to be sarcastic.
	.. it may have been attempted or may already exist - I am
	internationally ignorant, though wish I were not so
	.. why do we not have an RFC that documents the Official
	(Written/Typed) Language of Communications for the World - On the

	Would we have an internet if we had not found a way to formalize the
	way we communicate?
	Ignore me if you think I am silly - but I would learn a new language
	.. like Latin it would largly be a written language, but in time it
	could be spoken.

	If you know that this already exists I would love to know what the
	number is.  :-{}
	Chris Lewis

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