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Re: asynchronous socket error 10060

Your situation is pretty vague, but my guess would be iptables rule is 
invalid or just not doing what you want it to do .  The reason ftp might 
still be working through it is because it uses a high port to do the actual 
file transfer.

test your rule with something other than ft protocol nc perhaps =).

On Tuesday 04 June 2002 02:29 pm, Listas wrote:
> Hi guys, I am having this error "asynchronous socket error 10060" when I
> try to get some archives from a socket software who was behind a
> iptables firewall(doing redirection port). FTP is working with this
> redirection. Anyone know what was happened?
> I configure iptables to redirect some TCP request port to other machine
> and enables conectiontrack modules.
> tks

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