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ssh authentication configuration?

Hello, i'm confused on a couple variables in the sshd_config file, i
have a client that's using that 'other os' and has an ssh client that he
likes. however, he wanted me to secure the server as much as possible,
i've always disabled clear text passwords(PasswordAuthentication no),
and turn on pam auth (PAMAuthenticationViaKbdInt yes).  That's always
worked fine for me as i'm using debian linux, and i don't actually know
why i do it other than in the conf file debian adds a comment above
telling me to do so, so i do.  Well, my clients ssh client app doesn't
seem to be able to handle pam auth, so when i disable clear text passes
it won't let him in, even though i can get in with his account from my
ssh client.  i guess what i'm asking is, "How much of a security risk is
using regular auth versus Pam?". 

thanks in advance for your help.

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